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EdNavigator App

EdNavigator is a nonprofit organization working to help busy families and students achieve their educational dreams.

The mobile app bridges the gap between families and education coaches by serving as a management and communication tool.



The app has two views: education coaches and families.

Education coaches oversee several families so their app view is focused on organizing their lists, tasks and communication. Whereas, the family view is solely focused on their education coach and the progress of their children. Since these families work long hours, we wanted to make sure their view required minimal taps within the app. Both accounts are meant to make the process simple and inuative.



Through out the process, our team conducted user testing with the education coaches and select families to identify current pain points, process and features that would benefit their experience.



Through interviews we learned that if the education coaches aren’t out servicing their families, they are on their computers. So we designed a desktop view for the education coaches.


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