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Underwriters Laboratories

UL is a global company that demonstrates safety standards, compliance and security to build workplace excellence. They are a trusted partner within the medical, electronics, banking and technology industries.

Various projects include, marketing materials, ads, service videos, and digital projects.



UL EduNeering is part of the Health and Life Division of UL. It provides resources and materials for Life Science companies to maintain compliance and safety within their industry. This purpose of the print ad is to guide Life Science companies through out the product to market process.



In conjunction with the ad, this UL Learn video futher illustrates the process from compliance to performance.


From print to digital

I have worked on several digital products for UL. These products include UL Create, Commercial Resource Center, Guidelines, Digital Property Analyzer, Library, Vendor Database and Non for Profit. Since several of these products are confidential, here is a collection of elements and patterns used for their digital products.


Other Projects

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